International Journal of Policy and Governance Networks 3(1) 38-55

A Study on E-Governance : Post-Implementation Practical Issues

  • M.S. Anand
  • M. Thangaraj
  • Anna Institute of Management, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu, India


E-governance is the application of information and communication tech-nology (ICT) to deliver government services, exchange information, com-municate, complete transactions, and integrate various stand-alone systems and services. This literature will discuss post implementation issues in e-governance, which focus on the computer literacy and knowledge of com-puters, software applications, Internet, and email in different organizations. Issues will be compared between the government and quasi-government, officers and staff, males and females, and among different age groups. The paper focuses on post implementation practical issues for e-government. A study from Tamil Nadu’s State Government can also be valuable back-ground for practitioners.
computer literacy, data protection, e-governance, maintenance