International Journal of Policy and Governance Networks 3(1) 23-37

Nonprofits Use Social Media in Alabama : A Case Study of Social Media for Youth Volunteerism and Program Management

  • H. Daniel Xu
  • Alycia Jeong
  • Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama, USA
  • Alabama Partnership for Children, Alabama, USA


Many nonprofits know they must use social media to engage in, and im-prove, stakeholder relations. However, knowing social media is valuable and using it in a beneficial and appropriate manner are two distinct matters. How can a nonprofit with very limited funding, scope, and human re-sources effectively utilize social media to strengthen public engagement and maintain mission alignment? By examining existing research and iden-tifying the key ways nonprofits are using social media, this study develops an understanding of the most impactful use of time, energy, and resources. The concepts and hypotheses culled from the review of relevant theoretical framework and past research are fleshed out in the real experiences of YouthServe, a Birmingham, Alabama nonprofit organization that creates and connects local youth to volunteer opportunities. YouthServe’s success in using various social media, to promote volunteerism and facilitate event planning, can guide other nonprofit organizations evaluating and striving to advance their own social media footprint.
management innovations, nonprofit administration, social networking, social media, volunteerism, web-based technologies