International Journal of Policy and Governance Networks 2(1) 86-102

E-Innovation in Italian Public Administration: A Business Approach

  • Ubaldo Comite
  • University e-Campus, Novedrate (Como), Italy


The manuscript explains the significance of e-government applications in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of public administration in Italy. The recent decade has witnessed a phase of intense transformation and profound change in the Italian public administration system and this paper examines the potential of e-government in enabling such transformation. The paper also intends to illustrate the comprehensive framework of the public administration system in Italy and of the main tendencies in pro-gress, paying particular attention to the development of new management logic, considering e-government not only as a merely technological phe-nomenon, but also analyzing it in its full meaning with regards to the pro-cess of change and modernization of public administration.
effectiveness, efficiency e-government, Italy, public admin-istration