International Journal of Policy and Governance Networks 1(2) 54-68

E-Governance, Privacy/Security, Citizen Participation, and Review of Evaluated Websites

  • Steve Spacek
  • U.S. Association of Governmental Accountants, USA


This study discusses enlarged roles of e-governance in delivering public services to citizens, focusing on the roles of privacy and citizen participation. A question arising from collegiate evaluations of worldwide websites is: why user discrepancy issues remain in privacy/security, and citizen participation/ engagement. Previous studies confirmed low verified scores from multiple privacy/security and citizen participation measures. The five most frequent and unique website usage deficiencies in distinction to those components. Because computers aid in the “work in progress” status of government, this paper concludes that an interaction of constructive policy choices, management strategies and cultural responses, among both undeveloped and developed countries alike, can help determine the direction of that progress, and a future of successful, quality e-governance worldwide.
citizen participation, e-government, privacy, trust, websites