International Journal of Policy and Governance Networks 1(2) 38-53

The Analogy of Data within an e-Government Interoperable Ecosystem (AD-eGIE) : Utilizing Sectorial Information

  • Stefanus van Staden
  • Jameson Mbale
  • Government of Namibia, Namibia
  • University of Namibia, Namibia


A major challenge faced by countries, and in particular developing countries is to improve the manner in which heterogeneous information systems work together across government, exposing valuable data required to improve government service delivery. Almost every government institution has activities related to each other, which makes interoperability between them a necessity. In view of this, this paper introduces the Analogy of Data within an e-Government Interoperable Ecosystem (AD-eGIE). The ADeGIE provides a theoretical data and systems architectural model for the establishment of interoperability between information systems, which is a key issue in unlocking data that is required for the creation of egovernment solutions. This work deals particularly with sectorial data, which is classified into primary and secondary data, and the means of sharing and exchanging it. To achieve workable e-government electronic services that spans across government sectors, the ideal situation would be to reduce data duplications by substituting secondary sectorial data with primary sectorial data through a standardized data exchange and sharing system architecture.
AD-eGIE, architecture, ecosystem, e-government, interoperability, primary data, secondary data, sectorial data