International Journal of Policy and Governance Networks 1(2) 1-21

Explaining E-participation Diffusion at the National Level : An Examination of External Environmental Influences

  • Yueping Zheng1
  • Marc Holzer2
  • 1Rutgers University-Newark, USA
  • 2Rutgers University-Newark, USA


Recently, information and communication technologies (ICTs) have increasingly been utilized by governments to involve citizens, leading to the rise of e-participation. E-participation has varied across units and levels of government and has attracted attention from both scholars and practitioners. While researchers have explored various factors that impact e-participation, few of them have tested the comprehensive influence of the external environment on e-participation at the national level. This article aims at filling a research gap by examining the direct and indirect impacts of environmental factors on e-participation. The results indicate that environmental factors might significantly influence e-participation nationally. This study argues that the diffusion of e-participation could be explained by its external environment variance.
e-participation diffusion, external environment, indirect impact, national level