International Journal of Policy and Governance Networks 1(1) 6-23

Toward a Model of Global e-Governance : A New Networked E-governance Model for Rethinking E-government Maturity Models

  • B. Joon Kim
  • Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea


This study argues the need for a New Networked E-governance model for global e-Governance development, and emphasizes a dialectical approach through the lens of New Public Service, addressing the social design and construction of public administration. When combining the rational and social design approaches of New Public Service, new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) provide opportunities for public administrators to understand the public sphere. Incorporating citizens’ perspectives can provide the impetus to reshape top-down, managementdriven E-government models (i.e., E-government Maturity Models) into a new pattern of E-governance that is more relevant to the conditions and needs of social networking era at the global level. Thus, the new model will be able to connect citizens and public administrators to critically examine public service, and to use ICTs to improve global e-Governance.
e-government maturity model, new networked e-governance, new public service, social construction, social design